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CFB Mobile Text


Mobile Text Banking allows you to easily request and receive balance and transaction information via SMS text messaging.  You simply text a short command to the Citizens Farmers Bank at 89549 and we will send a text message to you with the requested information.

To Enroll in Mobile Text

Login to your Netteller online banking account on your computer

Select Options >Mobile settings > Text mobile settings

Select enable text access for your mobile device

Accept the terms and conditions

Complete the requested information and select your accounts

Select submit and confirm

A text will be sent to your mobile device asking you to confirm your enrollment with a reply of YES

Reply YES from your mobile device and you are now enrolled in Mobile Text Banking


Valid SMS Text Message Commands (text all commands to 89549)

Bal Returns balance for all enrolled accounts
Bal (mobile short name) Returns balance for specified account
Hist Returns last 4 transactions for all enrolled accounts
Hist (mobile short name) Returns last 4 transactions for all specified accounts
Stop Disables enrollment for mobile text banking
Help Returns command references