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Fraud Alerts

Cole Camp & Stover, MO

Fraudulent Shazam Call- Posted 12/15/12

December 15 ,2012 - It has been reported to us that some customers are receiving a fraudulent automated phone call from Shazam stating that their debit card has been blocked. The automated phone call will then ask you to enter personal information. This appears to be a scam or phishing attempt. If you receive one of these phone calls, please do not enter any personal informaiton and contact the bank immediately. If Shazam is going to contact you about your debit card, a person will be calling you and not an automated caller.

Fraudulent Email Alert- Posted 12/15/11

December 15 ,2011 - It has been reported to us that some customers are receiving a fraudulent popup about a Data Security Breach when they are accessing Netteller. The popup appears to be linked with the Citizens Farmers Bank, but it is not. We are not aware of any data breach. This is a scam - a phishing attempt - do not click the link to access your Credit Report.

Sample Fraudulent Popup:
Attention Citizensfarmersbank.com visitor

Data Security Breach Information

We want to make you aware of a situation that has occured that could be related to your personal information. Recently, there was a massive system breach at Epsilon, a third party vendor that supplies marketing services to a number of companies, includeing Best Buy, Chase, Citi, Disney, US Bank, Marriorr, Home Shopping Network and many others. Files containing personal information were compromised.

names, email adresses and some personal information was exposed. Because of the increased risk of identity theft, we are urging you to check your credit report for any activity that you did not authorize.

We want to help protect you agains this data breach, by offering you access to your credit score for free. This offer is available on Friday, December 2, 2011. Please be aware that although your credit score is free, a credit card will be required to validate your identity.

Click Here to access your Credit Report